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Frameworks and Mental Models - Flash Cards (PRE-ORDER)

Frameworks and Mental Models - Flash Cards (PRE-ORDER)

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Pre-order note:

Pre-orders will be the first to ship when the full decks have been completed and have undergone quality control inspection. Timelines for this are estimated for October 2023, any delay in these timelines will be communicated to customers via email ahead of time. 

Pre-orders are fully refundable and can be done at any time and for any reason ahead of shipping the product.


Prepare to journey into the world of cognitive excellence with our "Foundation: Frameworks and Mental Models" flashcards. This comprehensive collection is your ultimate guide to the 32 most significant and impactful mental models and frameworks used by the world's most successful thinkers and leaders.

Each card within this meticulously curated set offers a dive into a different mental model or framework, providing an understanding of over 30 of the most valuable concepts. On one side, you'll find a clear, concise description and key ideas that capture the essence of the model or framework. Turn the card over, and you'll discover an engaging real-world example that brings the concept to life. To top it off, each card also features a carefully crafted graphical illustration, reinforcing your understanding and making it easier to recall when you need it most.

Our "Foundation: Frameworks and Mental Models" flashcards are more than just a learning tool - they are an investment in your cognitive toolkit. Whether you're a seasoned decision-maker looking to refine your skills or a budding learner exploring the power of critical thinking, this set is a must-have.

With the "Foundation: Frameworks and Mental Models" flashcards, you're not just memorizing ideas - you're transforming the way you think. Get ready to unlock your full cognitive potential and approach problems with newfound clarity, creativity, and confidence. There truly is no better way to sharpen your mind with such content.

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